The Chief Executive Officer or Administrator of the hospital shall have at least one of the following qualifications: 

  • A master’s degree and at least three years of fulltime experience in progressively responsible management positions in healthcare 
  • A bachelor’s degree and at least five years of full-time experience in progressively responsible management positions in healthcare; or 
  • At least 10 years of full-time experience in hospital administration 
  • Nursing Home Administrator license preferred 

Job Description: 

  • Provide management of day-to-day operations of Hospital 
  • Assist in making and meeting budget, income, and capital expenditure plans and foster the profitability of operations; 
  • Handle the hiring and firing of all staff personnel. The appointment and removal of all department heads/managers, as well as the fixing of compensation levels of all department heads/managers, and all personnel must be approved by the Board of Commissioners. The creation of any new positions and associated compensation levels must be approved by the Board of Commissioners; 
  • Foster an open communication with the Board of Commissioners regarding Hospital Operations, as well as any issues, problems or concerns affecting, or that may affect Hospital Operations; 
  • Use best efforts and due diligence to help assure full compliance with the Federal and State laws regulating operations of Hospital and/or of its agencies or other ventures; 
  • Use best efforts and due diligence to help assure full compliance with all contracts in which Hospital is a party, including all reporting, billing, and monitoring of services provided therein; 
  • Assist in the preparation and submittal of reports for renewal of existing contracts and/or applications for any other contracts which may become available for the provision of healthcare services for which the hospital employees or operations may be suitably oriented; 
  • Maintain good customer/consumer relations; 
  • Implement, monitor and maintain quality control programs; 
  • Attempt to acquire on behalf of and/or qualify Hospital for any other programs or contacts which may become available for the provision of healthcare services for which Hospital employees or operations may be suitably oriented; 
  • Maximize marketing efforts of Swing Bed Unit to other hospitals; 
  • Implement, monitor and evaluate, on an ongoing basis, a marketing plan for all of the ancillary services provided by Hospital; 
  • Maximize efforts to increase physician utilization of hospital services; 
  • Review and/or negotiate third party contracts, with Board approval; 
  • Implement the directives of the Board of Commissioners; 
  • Foster the reputation and good will of the Hospital; 
  • Maintain a significant physical presence on the Hospital campus during normal business hours, and provide verified documentation regarding absence from the Hospital campus. 
  • Those duties and obligations set forth in LSA R.S. 46:1057 o (1) To attend all meetings of the commission and to act as secretary and keep the official minutes of the proceedings. 
    • (2) With the consent of the commissioners, and subject to such budgetary limitations and any civil service laws in effect, the director shall have power to establish positions and to make appointments thereto; to establish rates of pay; to abolish positions; to transfer duties among positions; to assign duties to, direct and control the work of, and transfer, promote, demote, remove and otherwise change the status of employees of the district. 
    • (3) To make and publish such reports regarding the work of the district as may be required by law, or which he may be directed to make by the commission. 
    • (4) To see that the policies relating to the conduct of the affairs of the district which have been established by the commission are carried out. 
    • (5) To cooperate with the medical staff in the performance of the policies which it may establish. 
    • (6) To prepare an annual budget for approval by the commission and the police jury. 
    • (7) To recommend to the commission the scale of rates to be charged for services rendered by the district. 
    • (8) To provide for adequate medical records and reports. 
    • (9) To control and direct all business affairs of the district. By way of extension and not of limitation, these duties shall include the keeping of the accounts of the district, making necessary purchase of equipment, supplies and materials, making major and minor repairs to physical facilities. 
    • (10) To receive and receipt for and keep a correct accounting of all gifts, bequests, grants-in-aid, and other revenues received by the district and with the consent of the commission, to expend the proceeds of all such gifts, bequests, grants-in-aid and other revenues for the purpose designated in this chapter and subject to any conditions that may be imposed in any act of donation or any law providing grants-in-aid or other revenues for such purpose. 
    • (11) To perform any other duties and functions which he or the commission consider necessary or desirable to carry out the purposes of this chapter. 

Salary and Benefits: 

  • Salary and Benefit package depends on qualifications and experience 

Please email resume to Tiffany D. Young, CFO/Interim CEO at tyoung@aslh.org